Panasonic’s self-driving refrigerator ‘Ku’ brings your food to you on a single call

Have you ever wondered what kitchens would look like in the future? Probably not. While many of us may assume every appliance to be smart, Panasonic is a step head. According to their vision, there will be a moving refrigerator that will respond to voice commands. Didn’t think of that, did you?

So, how will this Movable Fridge function? Due to its built-in LIDAR and depth sensor, the fridge will be able to navigate its way through the house without any external assistance or supervision. Panasonic further elucidated that the fridge will have the ability to hear commands such as ‘come here, fridge’, and once this command has been interpreted, the fridge will automatically make its way to that person without bumping into items/people.

Panasonic’s target audience is elderly people who have trouble moving around. If this concept becomes a tangible product, it will make their lives easier. To further assist users, Panasonic is thinking of incorporating a warming plate at the top. This way the fridge can transport warm meals from one room to another.

For now, this is just a concept but you may expect to see this in the next few years! You will no longer have to emotionally blackmail your sibling to get you something from the fridge nor will you have to contemplate the idea of getting up!

h/t: Daily Mail

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