Plastique Fantastique creates a giant inflatable bubble stage that looks both mesmerizing and futuristic!

We have all had the unfortunate chance of being in a stuffy auditorium and feeling completely disconnected to the perform as an audience just because of the physical one-dimensional architecture of the space. Plastique Fantastique took this in mind while designing the amazingly interactive stage for the performances during the cultural celebration, Oerol Festival that takes place annually in Netherlands.

The German design firm is practically known for its pneumatic and futuristic installations for public performances but the giant inflatable bubble Plastique Fantastique created for Oerol Festival is unmatched by any other design. The stage is simply created by two huge transparent plastic bubbles connected via a ring-like hallway, unsupported by anything else hence creating a large space for the performances and a great atmosphere for the audience to view them.

The futuristic design was created to ensure audience’s complete attention and keep things literally transparent with them. There cannot be any stage as perfect this one!

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Images: © Plastique Fantastique

References: Design Boom, Curbed

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