‘Octopus’ is an icon-based smartwatch specifically designed for kids

Time is precious, and it is absolutely necessary that we teach our children to utilize it wisely. Joy’s Octopus Watch is one way for parents to inculcate good habits and make their children understand the significance of using time efficiently.

How so? Well, this watch has an icon-based display which reminds kids to complete tasks at a given time. Not only that, this device acts as a wrist assistant as well. It has been designed for kids of age three to eight years, and is particularly helpful for children suffering from ADHD, diabetes, Down syndrome and ASD.

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Coming onto the specifications, the Octopus Watch connects to any smartphone (be it Android or iOS) via Bluetooth, allowing parents to set reminders, schedules and include personal notes by using the official mobile app. There are three display options which can be categorized as per the user’s age. For instance, the icon-based display can be used for younger children. This display can store up to 600 icons and every icon symbolizes a time-sensitive action such as brushing teeth, feeding the dog etc. The other two display options can be used as the child gets older since the watch shows analog or digital time in these modes.

The watch is bound to get wet as ‘kids will be kids’ so the company has made sure the device is water-resistant. It also comes with a USB charging cable and can act as a nightlight. As for the price, the standard Octopus bundle costs $69, not exactly cheap but not so pricey either, and the Octopus Companion is relatively more expensive ($109).

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Images: Joy

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