New ocean farming model aims to create jobs and restore marine ecosystems

Fisheries are overfishing at alarming rate to cater to increasing demands of their customers. Unfortunately, this is disrupting oceanic life and increasing the risk of mass extinction. However, there is a way to provide a sustainable source of food while keeping the ocean alive. Curious? Keep on reading to find out!

GreenWave has found a solution to make fishing more sustainable and revive life in the ocean. Commercial fisherman Bren Smith and Emily Stengal founded a vertical aquaculture farm that nurtures various forms of seaweed and shellfish. This gives rise to an underwater ecosystem which not only provides food, it is also economic-friendly as it provides jobs!

Greenwave Ocean Farming 4 Greenwave Ocean Farming 1

The best thing about the farm is that it requires minimal resources and it restores the underwater balance by carbon sequestration. It sounds like a big word, but it just means that sea plants, which absorb carbon five times faster than land plants, will absorb carbon dioxide from the air, hence decreasing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These farms also carry out the process of nitrogen fixing. This decreases the probability of algal blooms and oceanic dead zones.

Greenwave Ocean Farming 3 Greenwave Ocean Farming 6 Greenwave Ocean Farming 2

It is also a highly adaptable farming technique, as it simply requires a boat and a capital of $20,000. Anyone who is concerned about saving the ecosystem can save up, implement this idea, and help restore the oceans!

So, what are you waiting for?

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h/t: Inhabitat

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