Now you can see all those people who unfriended you on facebook

In today’s age, our popularity i.e. our social capital is measured by just how many individuals we are connected to through the internet. Keeping that in mind, it’s only natural to be annoyed when we lose a friend or a follower from any of our social media pages. Along with the irritation we feel at seeing the number of followers or friends go down, it is only natural to feel a certain sense of curiosity towards who that jerk really was. Of course, knowing their identity would also help you shame them in real life, make them feel guilty for doing such a preposterous thing, or even unfollow them right back!

To satisfy your curiosity and to help you figure out the perpetrators’ identity, software geniuses all over the world have developed varying apps and browser extensions that anyone can install with just a few clicks – and use as often as the need arises.


Even though Facebook is on a constant lookout for services that diminish the privacy element of their platform, new versions of these extensions and apps are released every now and again. Currently, a very convenient app called “Still Friends” is actively helping all those who need to figure out the identities of their “friends” who would commit the heinous act of unfriending them. It connects to your profile, and keeps a track of your list of friends to let you know if someone does decide to unfriend you. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it is. Even though it notifies you when you lose a friend, you’ll have to pay for “credits” to see exactly who it was. The only question then is, how much are you willing to pay to catch their betrayal?

Still Friends

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Just when you thought you had reached the status of a pro-Instagrammer, you see the number of your followers decrease. Instead of getting angry, confused and curious at the same time, just use Followers For Instagram. This magical app will notify you every time you lose a follower and tell you their identity (it’ll help channel your anger towards the right person, too). Alongside this basic information, the app also gives you various insights in terms of how you compare to other Instagram users. It provides statistics about the people who like your posts frequently, the most useless followers – and even gives
you a list of admirers i.e. people who don’t follow you but still like and comment on your pictures.


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Unfortunately for some, software gurus have not yet developed any apps for people who want to know exactly when someone blocked or deleted them from their snapchat friends. However, if you’re curious to know if anyone from your friends list has blocked/deleted you – there is a simple trick that can help. To check, just tap and hold the name of the user that you have your suspicions about – until you can view their Snapcode. If they do follow you back, you’ll be able to see their Snapscore beneath their Snapcode. If you’re unable to see it, they’ve either unfollowed you, or worse – blocked you.

Snapchat 2

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Twitter followers are the most critical. The more the followers, the wittier you are, of course. One way to keep track of your followers is to link your account with the service Who.Unfollowed.me. It essentially checks your list every hour and tracks all the additions and deletions. It also provides valuable insights to check the statistics for the past 30 days – and reviews the follow back statistics. If you need another service for twitter, download Friend Check which will tell you the statistics mentioned above, along with giving you the option to see a filtered list of your friends into categories, for e.g. “Talkative”, “Inactive”, “Famous” and “Verfied”. This helps you to just view what you want to view only – and ignore all the rest!


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