Norwegian artist lights up Norway’s forests with installations using mundane objects

You might think creating outdoor installations is not an easy thing to pull off because of the amount of materials that one might require but, this Norwegian artist makes it look all too easy by creating numerous outdoor installation with everyday domestic elements and displaced objects.

Rune Guneriussen cleverly creates outdoor installations from household objects such as, books, lamps and chairs, that double as illumination for the dark patches in the middle of Norway’s thick forests. Guneriussen hits the right chords of human culture and the environment with his art pieces as he tries to explore the interdependency of these two factors that ultimately lead to adding magic into the most ordinary and mundane things.

installations 10

installations 1

installations 3

installations 7

installations 3

installations 13

installations 4

installations 1

installations 12

installations 5

installations 2

installations 6

installations 2

installations 11

installations 8

installations 9

Images: © Rune Guneriussen

References: Colossal, Ignant, Inhabitat

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