Noonchi chair workout system will keep you in shape even in your office

At this time of the year a lot of us are already struggling to keep up with the resolutions we made for the new year, and most of us make a pact with ourselves to workout and stay fit but with the busy work and family routine there is little time or energy left for us to exercise and yet again laziness wins over the new year’s resolution. The NOONCHI is here to help you accomplish at least this particular resolution of yours. It is a work out system with all the necessary equipment that can be attached to a common office chair allowing you to conduct your daily workout at your desk. The system has been designed for busy working men and women who spend most of their day in the office. The patent for the NOONCHI is currently still pending.

Noonchi Office Workout Chair 2

The base structure of this compact system can be easily attached or detached to your office chair, its height can also be adjusted according to your needs. A set of 2-5 lb and another one weighing 2-20 lb can be attached to the base of the NOONCHI whilst working out and removed or just simply stashed away behind the chair afterwards, in order to maintain a well-kept work space.

Noonchi Office Workout Chair 3

The system is designed in a way so that the users can exercise every part of their body. Its ability to adjust to the required height allows for upper body workouts, by placing the system’s base beneath your feet you can also perform leg exercises. Your body and health will appreciate this effort to change your lifestyle and you’ll soon be able to feel the benefits of your decision to get NOONCHI. The system is currently a part of a Kickstarter campaign, you can make a pledge and help it reach production.

Noonchi Office Workout Chair 4

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h/t: Design Boom

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