No need to wait for golden hour when you can get golden days at the Arctic Circle

Missing the golden hour for a photoshoot is every photographer’s nightmare because the natural warm glow at this hour can make any frame look picture-perfect with extreme ease. So, if you are particular about the golden hour aura and find travelling to Arctic Circle convenient then you can get that warm and beautiful natural light not for an hour or two but for days!

Reuben Wu, a Chicago based photographer who is known for using aerial lights to capture breathtaking pictures visited Svalbard Satellite Station in Norway and guess what? For the first time ever, he didn’t have to use any artificial lighting because the natural one was more than sufficient. Wu captured great shots of the snowy landscape with his Sony a7R II and compiled them all in a series, Love is Metaphysical Gravity. Have a look at some of these photographs right here!

arctic circle 4

arctic circle 3

arctic circle 5

arctic circle 8

arctic circle 15

arctic circle 10

arctic circle 20

arctic circle 6

arctic circle 2

arctic circle 16

arctic circle 17

arctic circle 18

arctic circle 7

arctic circle 14

arctic circle 11

arctic circle 1

arctic circle 12

arctic circle 13

arctic circle 9

Images: © Reuben Wu

h/t: Peta Pixel

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