Netherlands based supermarket, Ekoplaza goes plastic free

With the public being more aware of environment unfriendly practices with each passing day, responsible product and service providing companies are being filtered out from those corporate giants in the market who have sold lies to the consumers to carry on with their money-making yet environment degrading practices. Netherlands based supermarket, Ekoplaza definitely falls in the former category of responsible and concerned companies that prioritize sustainability. The company took an initiative of launching plastic-free aisle in its Amsterdam store and the supermarket offers its customers more than 700 plastic free products in that aisle!

Plastic consumption in grocery stores accounts for a solid 40% since the public have been brainwashed for decades that going plastic free is not even an option. However, this initiative by Ekoplaza has surely provided the consumers with an option of going plastic-free or not. Erik Does, the CEO of Ekoplaza states, “We know that our customers are sick to death of products laden in layer after layer of thick plastic packaging. Plastic-free aisles are a really innovative way of testing the compostable biomaterials that offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging.”

ekoplaza 2

ekoplaza 4

ekoplaza 3

Images: © Ekoplaza

Source: The Guardian (via: Inhabitat)

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