Negroni captures the fierce power of nature when lightning strikes over volcanic eruptions

For some, volcano eruptions are horrifying natural disasters while others see nature’s fierce beauty in them. Chile based landscape photographer Francisco Negroni surely falls in the later category. Negroni chose the path to cover the magnificent yet petrifying sights of volcanic eruption after witnessing the Llaima volcano eruption back in 2008. He was unable to live the moment fully but it was enough for him to embark on this striking journey.

What makes Negroni’s work even more special is that he captures his outstanding photographs at the exact moment when a thunderstorm hits the eruption. The glorious combination in his photographs is a result of a rare collision of ash, rock, and ejecta which results in the generation of static electricity.  This phenomenon is extremely rare as the probability of the existence of thunderstorms during volcanic eruption is hardly 27% to 35% hence Negroni’s photographs are nothing but a treasure when it comes to unusual landscape photography.

volcano 6

volcano 5

volcano 1

volcano 2

volcano 3

volcano 4

All Images: © Francisco Negroni

h/t: My Modern Met

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