NEC recognition technology can identify people even when the faces are covered

It has now become even more difficult to run away from technology. Ordinary cameras were unable to recognize your face if the person was not facing the camera. Now, NEC has launched an AI-powered recognition tech that can identify a person even if they are partially hidden from the camera.

This latest technology is called the Person Re-identification Technology and can use deep learning techniques to identify a person using their body shape and clothes. NEC claims that the cameras can attain up to 90 percent accuracy.

NEC Facial Recognition Technology (2)
Credit: NEC

The body recognition feature can come in handy in extremely crowded areas where it may be difficult to recognize just a face. In particular, people who are on the move can easily be identified without the need of stabilized facial features.

The only requirement is an image of the person that needs to be tracked. The camera can then compare whatever images it can salvage and find a match. It can work from many different angles and could even recognize a person from behind.

NEC Facial Recognition Technology (2)
Credit: NEC

The company is also developing a Safer Cities feature which can help combat congestion in highly busy locations like airports and sports stadiums and keep people safe.

Although the technology can be extremely useful in terms of criminal identification, the only downfall is that people may feel a breach of security. How the cameras are put to use can flip the coin on either side.

Source: NEC (via: New Atlas)

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