Roland Landsberg’s Boxetti Collection Is A Dream Come True For All Minimalists!

“Minimalistic living” is certainly the latest buzzword in the architectural world and it is sure to stay here for a long time but designer Roland Landsberg has taken the truest essence of this buzzword to design The Boxetti Collection.

Landsberg has made compartmentalized boxes which open up like a swiss knife to reveal the various hidden furnishings. The most whacky one however, has to be the box which unveils a whole home entertainment system with a woofer, a 7.1 channel receiver, a BD player, two fold-out hi-fi speakers and a 46-inch flatscreen TV; all of this in a compact solid box!

Boxetti Home Entertainment Module

boxetti 16

boxetti 15

boxetti 14

Boxetti Living Room Module

Boxetti Room Module 1
Boxetti Room Module 2
Boxetti Room Module 3
boxetti 10
Boxetti Room Module 4
boxetti 11
boxetti 12

Boxetti Home Office Module

Boxetti Office Module 1
Boxetti Office Module 2
Boxetti Office Module 3

Boxetti Kitchen Module

boxetti 7
boxetti 6
boxetti 8
boxetti 3
boxetti 1
boxetti 9
Boxetti Kitchen Module 5

Boxetti Bedroom Module

Boxetti Bedroom Module 3
Boxetti Bedroom Module 1
Boxetti Bedroom Module 2

The Boxetti Collection is obviously priced with a heavy six digits figure but it is a dream come true for people who move a lot and are sick of cluttered spaces.

Images: © Boxetti

References: Tree Hugger, Cool Things

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