Muji hotel in Tokyo is insanely minimalist, eco-friendly and convenient

Minimalism is certainly the most refreshing trend of 21st century because of all the right reasons. Not only is this style effective in bringing peace of mind but is incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly. Following this line of thought, lifestyle brand Muji has delved into the hospitality industry with their signature minimalist style. The 79 room-hotel has opened up in Tokyo right above their store in Ginza. The hotel adorns minimalist furnishing under its “wood, stone and earth” theme and everything that you would find in the room, whether it be a toothbrush or a mattress, is produced by Muji in the most sustainable way possible. Moreover, guests can enjoy browsing through the various bars, bistros and boutiques that Ginza has to offer, with convenience since its located just down below. Imagine all the time that you’d save by avoiding the commute, isn’t that amazing!?

Muji hotel Muji hotel Muji hotel Muji hotel Muji hotel

All Images: © Muji
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h/t: Uncrate

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