Kodasema Has Made It Possible To Let Your House Move With You

Leaving behind your home and shifting is never easy but, what if your home moves with you? With the tiny Koda House, designed by Estonia-based architecture firm, Kodasema, you can practically live anywhere you want to.

The 269 square feet Koda home is basically pre-fabricated at the Kodasema’s factory in Harkujärve and is then installed at the land of your choice in just 7 hours. The crew installs or disassembles the house as per the client’s need as well as manage its transportation to the new place where you wish to set up your old home. To add more to the customer’s delight, Koda comes completely furnished with the components designed by Floyd IFS hence you do not have to worry a bit about the post-shifting chores.

Kodasema has launched the prototype in three versions; Koda for living, Koda for studying and Koda for working thus, transforming the tiny living space into an office or a classroom on client’s request. You can get your hands on it for just $125K.

The Koda Home has no foundation and can be assembled or disassembled in 7 and 4 hours, respectively. The tiny house is transported via a trailer by the Kodasema crew.

koda 13

Image by: Mairi Hüüdma

The pre-fabricated house comes completely furnished with furniture from Floyd IFS

koda 10

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

The Koda Home occupies as much space as a typical garage for one car, measuring up to 269 square feet to be exact.

koda 16

Image by: Kodasema

Furnished drawers and cupboards in the living space make up for a sleek and stylish kitchen.

koda 6

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

The kitchen also comprises of a stovetop and an oven.

koda 17

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

The utterly voguish staircase lets you climb up to the upper floor.

koda 5

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

Kodasema has designed rather luxurious bathrooms for the scaled-down Koda Homes.

koda 9

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

The bathroom is constructed to the right of the kitchen on the ground floor.

koda 7

Image by: Kodasema

koda 8

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

The Koda Homes give perfect view of the surroundings that the residents choose for themselves via the four-layered glass on one of its side.

koda 2

Image by: Paul Kuimet

The glass insulates the home from the cold, noise and heat. The residents can however, pull over the ceiling to floor length curtains for privacy.

koda 4

Image by: Tõnu Tunnel

The lofty bed on the upper floor makes for the most comfortable spot in the house.

koda 11

Image by: Kodasema

koda 12

Image by: Kodasema

Cherry on the top, Koda Home runs on solar panels. The smart house also has a feature of programmable LED lighting.

koda 14

Image by: Paul Kuimet

The walls of the house are 7 inch thick and are made up of concrete-timber composite panels while the roof is textured via yatch sails.

koda 15

Image by: Paul Kuimet

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