You will never lose your keys again with this magnetic light switch cover

Getting out of your home is pretty easy. You pick up your bag, switch off the light and grab your keys but if you are as absent minded as we are, chances are that this easy routine transforms into the most infuriating one really quick because well, you cannot grab your keys if you have lost them yet again.

However, since necessity is the mother of invention, with NeoCover we can finally have an effective key-storage technique which will save us all from the irritating and forced lost and found game that we play regularly with our keys. NeoCover is a regular light switch cover with neodymium magnets, which gives it a new twist and the capability to hold your keys or other items that you do not want to lose such as, pocket knife, lighters or even a lightweight hammer!

The simple yet witty concept is no more just a concept as the product has already been launched and is available for shipments for $20. The price might seem to be steep but it is a must-have for people who just cannot do with losing another set of keys yet again.

neocover 1

h/t: Digital Trends

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