‘Lumi’ smart diapers by Pampers alert the parents via an app when the diaper needs changing

Technology reaches its epitome with an app that can track a baby’s diapers. The leading diaper brand ‘Pampers’ have introduced the latest smart diapers that are able to track the baby’s urine along with their sleep and alert parents. The rival company ‘Huggies’ introduced a similar idea in Korea with the launch of their poop alert text messages.

The Pampers line called ‘The Lumi’ comes integrated with an activity sensor that gets triggered once something lands on the front of the diaper. The line includes a baby monitor along with diapers that can easily last up to 10 days. The sensor then logs this data into an app which can be used to monitor the child’s pee including any observable patterns. There has not been any price set for these diapers as yet.

The Lumi by Pampers app

All of this comes as a result of an internet revolution that lets consumers keep track and be aware of all their everyday activities including doorbells and finding out what’s kept in your refrigerator. This revolution has struck the baby industry in the form of connected onesies and a robotic crib that can also put your baby to sleep by rocking it right.

Paediatricians claim that it is vital for parents to monitor how often their child uses the bathroom specifically immediately after birth. Although, it is not rocket science for parents to figure out when their child requires a diaper change and much cheaper solutions can be utilized. For instance, the ‘Swaddler’ line also by Pampers displays a blue line in response to a wet diaper.

A Pampers spokesperson added “Parents didn’t ask for a poo or pee alarm; they wanted something more like the smart watches of today. The activity sensor tracks baby’s sleep and since it’s there on the diaper, it can also track … if a diaper is wet.”

Webcam with sensors to collect data

Just like any other modern day technology, these smart diapers are also very prone to hackers and the information they carry can always be misused when in the wrong hands. According to Pampers the app would save the baby’s name, sex, date of birth, a profile picture and also a continuous live feed from the monitor.

“I do want to re-iterate that we take privacy and security very seriously,” the spokesperson said.” Only Lumi by Pampers account holders with their valid credentials will be able to access their baby’s data on the Lumi app.”

Experts might still be skeptical about the possible consequences of the use of this app but it is definitive that any issues the child is facing regarding constipation or hydration during sickness, can all be monitored and treated in time.

The complete Lumi package

“But there’s that trade-off that happens with data and anxiety,” adds David Anderson, the senior director at the Child Mind Institute. “There may be behavior that is completely within an acceptable range, but an anxious parent is likely to find any deviations from reliable norms a cause for concern. So while data is generally good, we’re likely to see an increase in calls to pediatricians.”

There may also be possibilities of misinterpreting information. For instance, a child would tend to urinate a lot more during a hot and humid day which might be a false alarm to the parents. All in all, where this technology can come in completely handy, it puts the emotional bond between a parent and their child at risk.

All images: Pampers

h/t: Design Boom

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