Lubri Disc makes chain lubrication a whole lot easier

Every biker knows the importance of lubricating their bike chains and the stress involved during the process when there is an oily mess created everywhere. A German startup group called The Outsider Team have developed a Flectr Lubri Disc that is bound to get rid of this problem!

The main principle involved in the device is a lubricator wheel which can conduct fluids. The wheel is covered completely in oil and placed between two plastic discs made out of magnets. When you press the wheel downwards towards the chain and when the cranks are turned backwards, the wheel spins and releases oil.

Flectr Lubri Disc Chain Lubrication
Credit: Flectr

The designer’s claim that with two to three crank turns oil can easily be obtained and will ooze on to the chain’s plate and rollers. To ensure there is oil present, the discs can easily be pulled apart to fill a minimum of 30 ml of oil.

Besides wax-based lubricants, which should be avoided, any oil with medium viscosity can be used.  One application suffices for 10 lube jobs easily. Buyers can also pick a biodegradable Flectr Bio Chain Lube although all of the kinds provide optimal efficiently.

Flectr Lubri Disc Chain Lubrication
Credit: Flectr

The compact size allows the device to be packed up in an aluminum case and carried around apart from being environmentally efficient and biodegradable.

The Flectr Lubri Disc is being pledged for €17 and will be dispatched In July with a retail price of €19

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