London Eye capsule transformed into a tiny rainforest inspired pod!

If you are used to being around greenery and are visiting London for a trip then the best place for you to stay in is certainly this rainforest inspired pod that is basically featured in every tourist’s fantasy; a London Eye Capsule.

The project came out from the collaboration between TripAdvisor Rentals and Wayfair that has completely taken the tourism industry by storm. The tiny capsule follows a strict green theme design which includes exotic plants sprouting from every corner, a tropical print ceiling, hanging birdcages and a magnificent view to go with all of it. The furniture was deliberately kept minimalist with a double bed in the centre, a wicker chair to enjoy the aura and a turquoise dresser that fits in with the setting just perfectly.

This tiny capsule apartment provides the perfect balance for people who love nature and metropolitan setting all the same!

london 1

london 2

london 3

london 10

london 4

london 8

london 9

london 7

london 6

h/t: Inhabitat

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