Logitech’s new wireless charger puts that of Apple’s to shame

Logitech’s all new Powered Wireless Charging Stand has got heads turning – which doesn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that Logitech collaborated with Apple on this product and we all know that the A in Apple stands for aesthetics.

Retailing at US $69.99, the Powered Wireless Charging Stand definitely makes it to the top three wireless chargers out there in the market. The entire pad is made out of durable and sturdy plastic that will keep your phone in place, even if it is vibrating! Moreover, it is perfectly angled; you can easily unlock your phone with FaceID and view notifications. You can charge your phone both horizontally and vertically which gives you the freedom to do just about anything. For instance, you can place your phone vertically on the pad and watch a movie.

Logitech Wireless Charger 1

iPhone users have an advantage here as this charging stand is basically designed for them even though on paper, this product facilitates all Qi-compatible devices. You will know what I am talking about once you see it: the Apple-white color scheme, the unique grooves and notches (typically designed for Apple devices) and of course, the hefty price tag.

So if you are an Android user, you should definitely look into cheaper options so that in case you break it or lose it, you don’t feel too bad. But if you are an iPhone user and money isn’t an issue, then this Powered Wireless Charging Stand should be on your shopping list.

Images: © Logitech

h/t: The Verge

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