Linda Miller Nicholson creates vibrant pastas from pure natural ingredients

Pastas are welcome in all shapes, colours and sizes for every person who loves Italian food. Linda Miller Nicholson seems to be a great supporter of this concept since she has become quite popular on YouTube for creating colourful fresh pastas. Nicholson infuse colours in pasta through 100% natural sources such as turmeric, parsley, blueberries, beets and butterfly pea flowers. The vibrant pastas are certainly tasty but they look so appeasing to the eyes that you might never want to eat them up.

pasta 3

pasta 8

pasta 9

pasta 2

pasta 7

pasta 10

pasta 1

pasta 6

pasta 15

pasta 11

pasta 12

pasta 14

pasta 4

pasta 16

pasta 17

pasta 13

pasta 5

Images: © Linda Miller Nicholson

Linda Miller Nicholson: YouTubeInstagram,

h/t: Colossal

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