LG showcases a column garden for growing vegetables indoors

LG is venturing into developing indoor vegetable cultivators, which they are set to showcase at CES 2020. Using their expertise in manufacturing several home appliances, LG has developed a tall fridge-like structure that allows urban residents who do not have an outdoor area for gardening, to be able to grow crops for themselves all year round.

LG indoor gardening appliance

The LG column garden is manufactured in such a way that you can put in the packet containing seeds, peat moss and fertilizer and it can take a maximum of 24 of these all-in-one packets. This produces enough vegetables for four people in a home.

LG indoor gardening appliance

The appliance regulates its environment with the help of several modules and LED lighting and the temperature in the insulated compartment can adjust depending on what time it is during the day. To provide a perfect amount of hydration for the sprouting of seeds, a water supply that is non-circulating is employed along with wick-based water management. These work to prevent growth of algae and unpleasant odors.

LG indoor gardening appliance

The owners can keep an eye on these vegetables through an app on their phones which would also give them pointers to achieve the perfect yield. Arugula, chicory, basil and different kinds of lettuces are included in the initial variety of seed packets.

LG has not yet released information on the launch of this indoor gardening appliance or its price but further details are expected after CES 2020.

All Images: © LG

h/t:The Verge

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