Lower your stress levels with this Levitating Buda ball

In times of distress, it is easy to lose the sense of existence where you rush in search of ways to calm your senses in whatever way possible. You’re willing to give anything to get control of your distressed nerves in order to get a stable mental health and lower the stress levels. Say no more, as this Levitating Buda Ball, capable of keeping your senses centered and de-stressing your nerves in a unique manner, is at your service. The levitating ball is just 130 mm in size and the base is available in various dimensions.


How does the Levitating Ball work?

The ball freely floats in the air, defying gravity, leaving you awestruck. A magnetic field helps keep the Buda Ball levitating in the air while a magnetic levitation technology can move the ball, both vertically and horizontally.  Watching the ball can help keep you calm and limit the amount of chaos that surrounds the mind.

The suspended ball aims to mimic levitation; the feeling you get when you meditate. This act is replicated by the Buda Ball as it rotates freely in the air, giving a sense of mindfulness and serenity. The ball manages to remain in equilibrium at all times with the help of the magnetic field keeping it floating in the air. It makes the perfect accessory to keep at your desk when you lose track of time and personal energy while working from home. Indulging in the slow and calm movement of the hovering ball helps you focus and be in the moment, pushing all other chaotic thoughts aside.

Buda Ball Magnetically Levitating Sphere

Setting up the levitating ball itself requires practice, patience and focus, acts that are seen as part of meditation. In three simple steps, you can have the ball hovering up in the air. Firstly, lower down the ball using both hands at a distance of approximately 6 inches from the base while making sure you aim to the pivot of the base. Once you feel the presence of the magnetic field and the ball pushing against gravity, gently let go of the ball and voila! It will be hovering in mid-air.

Invention of the Buda Ball

The Buda Ball came into existence while studies and research were being carried out on the human brain and its functionality. Using EEG headsets, the brainwave activity was measured and mimicked onto the levitating ball. When we’re meditating, our brain waves slow down as we take longer breaths and a customized algorithm is used to detect the meditative state of the human brain. The same signals can drive the ball and make it move both horizontally and vertically, allowing a high meditative state to lead to a higher levitation.

“Since we launched Flyte, the levitating light on Kickstarter in 2015, we’ve been amazed by the reactions of thousands of peoples’ faces light up as they experience levitation for the first time.” Says FLYTE, the team behind the levitating Buda Ball.

All the products undergo strenuous testing to ensure that only quality products are shipped and sent, leaving no room for imperfections. With a dedicated customer support, the company ensures the presence of a person at the other end at all times to guide and assist you when required.


By backing this project, you can also become the lucky winner of the world’s first brainwave controlled levitation art installation. The Buda Ball is available with various combination of bases and spheres including an oak base, black base, white base and walnut base.

With an early bird discount at a price of $89, you can purchase the black Buda Ball with its white base. however, the usual retail price in the US is 129$

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