Lazareth’s transformable flying motorcycle has jet turbines in its wheels

French custom builder, Ludovic Lazareth, has introduced a flying motorcycle with jet turbine wheels. A teaser was released that boasted a 4-wheeled motorcycle, which transforms into a hoverbike when its wheels are folded up.

The “La Moto Valente” which translates to ‘The Flying Motorcycle’ in French, has each of its wheels attached to a single sided swing arm. When the bike is placed on a central stand, the wheels can pivot to let the bike sit horizontally.

Lazareth Flying Motorcycle
Credit: Lazareth

The heavy-duty bike works powerfully due to the dynamic jet turbine that has been placed at the center of each hub. The developers have collaborated with the German company, Jetcat, who are behind the jet turbines that are used in the NASA/Skunk Works X-56A experimental aircraft. The rotating wheel hubs which feature these turbines are a great work of engineering and leave Physics in awe!

Lazareth Flying Motorcycle
Credit: Lazareth

This January, the motorcycle is scheduled for a full reveal. The La Moto Valente works extremely well on its four feet (or wheels) but the real question lies in whether Lazereth will really be able to bring this flying motorcycle to life!

You can check out the complete video below.

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h/t: New Atlas

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