Know What Your Blood Group Says About Your Personality!

It might be convenient to think that blood’s only role in our body is of an essential fluid but recent study published in Japan, by Masahiko Nomi implies much more than that. According to the observations made by this study, blood type plays a great role in determining the traits of people’s personality. Although this association does not apply universally but you cannot possibly ignore that these primary traits are more or less true.

1. Blood Group A

Whether you are A positive or A negative, you lie in the range of 40% of people in the world who have an A blood type and because of this, you probably have a very calm and cool attitude which gets you through life without getting involved in any drama. General indifference and perfectionism dominates your personality since you believe in getting things done right and without any unnecessary nuisance. However, since you are such a perfectionist, you tend to get fussy and uptight to get things done the way you want. Moreover, you are stubborn, curious and often impatient at times when it comes to your involvement in getting the tasks done. This may make you appear bossy, controlling and inflexible but that is exactly what makes you succeed everything in life with a distinction and as far as what people think of you, you could not care less given to your indifferent attitude towards irrelevant things.

2. Blood Group B

Only 11% of people in the world fall under the B blood group but, it is down to their passionate and confident personality that rises them from beneath the surface to the highest point. You love giving your 100% to anything you set your heart and mind on. Your passion radiates through your personality. The enthusiasm and self-motivation that you have sets you apart from the crowd. On the downside, you might get too involved in your passion that it might make you selfish and to further make it worse, you are impulsive and do not share your thoughts with others until you have done what is on your mind, which makes it difficult for others to empathize with you. However, this issue comes with people who do not know you too well as the spontaneity and unpredictability of your personality is exactly what makes people fall for you.

3. Blood Group O

 The 45% of people in the world belonging to blood group O are known for their cautious, responsible, committed and punctual behaviour. If your blood group is O, whether negative or positive, then you tend to take all your commitments and responsibilities very seriously and this makes them an ultra-trustworthy person who does not back off when times get rough. Such people make the best companion because they go all the way through with their commitments and are highly understanding, comforting and are brilliant listeners. However, your cautious attitude towards life stops you from taking risks and doing anything spontaneous and fun. You do not break your pattern and that might make you seem boring but it also makes you reliable and a person on whom others can count on.

4. Blood Group AB

If your blood group is AB then you are one of the rare 4% ones in the world with this blood type. Your rare blood type has personality traits that make you extremely special just like your blood group, these qualities are rarely found in people. You are a natural leader with leadership skills as easy as ABC for you. In addition to leadership, you are very ambitious as well and since both of these traits complement each other so much that there is nothing that can stop you from being successful. However, that does not make you haughty or proud at all since you are famous for your social and confident behaviour. On the other hand, you tend to be too much of a mystery as you rarely speak about your inner thoughts to people, even though you listen to everyone’s problems yourself. Your reserved personality makes it hard for you to ask for help if ever needed. Another thing that gets you in trouble is that you never sugar-coat anything and are highly straightforward. Mostly, this is not liked by the others but you would still prefer to speak out the truth.

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