KLAB Architecture constructed an adorable public nursery in Greek suburb

Unfortunately, construction companies in Greece rarely turn to architects when erecting public buildings. KLAB Architecture (Kinetic Lab of Architecture) faced the same issue. Hence, in order to combat the problem, they went for the idea of prefabrication to design their public nursery in Athens suburb of Glyfada. Prefabrication took place in a factory before the modules were transported via truck to the nursery’s location for instant setup.

Nursery by KLAB 6 Nursery by KLAB 4 Nursery by KLAB 7

Taking inspiration from a child’s perceptual drawing of a house, the nursery takes up a modular form to give the illusion for a tiny urban village. Located in a vast open garden, the nursery consists of three repetitive arrays of houses with varying sizes and shapes to captivate the children. Minimalistic yet modern, the building is easy on the eyes with its perfect geometric alignment and whitewashed exterior. A timber louvered arch outside each entrance provides shade and the shade trees contribute in keeping the area cool. Inside, everything is the right amount of colorful and presents as a fun abode for the kids.

Nursery by KLAB 9 Nursery by KLAB 8 Nursery by KLAB 11

In order to keep everything economical and environment friendly, the architects made use of local materials and construction methods. Wise space utilization also seemed to be a focal point for the company as they kept the walls 10 centimeters thick to increase the inside area. Furthermore, keeping energy efficiency in mind, they also insulated the walls and roofs.

Filled with natural light and warm colors, the nursery provides a hospitable environment for the children. The building is also in-tune with nature as all classrooms lead to the outdoors via three sides.

Nursery by KLAB 2 Nursery by KLAB 10 Nursery by KLAB 1

All Images: © Mariana Bisti via ArchDaily

h/t: Inhabitat

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