‘Kitchen Safe’ Will Lock Away All That Tempting Food When You Are on A Diet!

If you are one of those very ordinary human beings who just cannot stop munching on delicious junk food even while dieting then it is time to bring up this extraordinary product, Kitchen Safe, in your house!

The interesting and innovative Kitchen Safe is a time-locked vault which only opens up after the specific time that has been set passes away. It has no other way of opening up as there is not even an override switch to undo it once the food has been placed in the container. It is particularly designed by David Krippendorf with collaboration of Nick and Ryan Tseng for people who struggle with dieting but it can also be used to fight distraction against using gadgets, to increase productivity.

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The kitchen safe is made up of clear plastic or white-coloured plastic (in case you want to avoid seeing the scrumptious snacks) which is three times thicker than normal ones, making sure than the container as well as your diet do not break.

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The timer can set from one minute to as long as 10 days and the vault can run just fine for 6 months on two AA batteries. Kitchen Safe is available at its website for just $49!

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References: Daily Mail, Cool Things

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