Japanese artist stops time with his multi-layered art installation

We all feel the time passing by but not many of us can actually visualize this phenomenon unlike the genius Japanese artist, Nobuhiro Nakanishi. Nakanishi skillfully gets hold of the fleeting moments by taking photographs over an extended period of time in his latest conceptual series, Layer Drawings. The Japanese artist made sure to accentuate the effect of passing of the time by putting up the photographs on plexiglass acrylic and then layered them in chronological order. The mesmerizing moments of the sunset and tranquility of the forest are one of the many scenes that have been preserved to infinity under these acrylic sheets prepared by the Nakanishi for this series.

While talking about the unique relationship of space and perceptions, the artist shared his motivation behind the project, “We are all subject to the passing of time, yet each of us feels and perceives it in our own way. Time itself has no shape or boundary and cannot be fixed or grasped. When we look at the photographs in these sculptures, we attempt to fill in the gaps between the individual images. We draw from our physical experiences to fill in missing time and space, both ephemeral and vague. In this series, I attempt to depict time and space as sensations shared by both viewer and artist.”

layer 7

layer 4

layer 5

layer 8

layer 10

layer 9

layer 12

layer 11

layer 3

layer 1

layer 2

Images: © Nobuhiro Nakanishi

h/t: My Modern Met

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