Japanese artist explores the concept of public and private spaces with a revolving shape shifting layout

Renovating an ancient Japanese home is not even slightly as easy as it sounds since it requires the architect to bring innovation in the design without disrupting the structure’s rich history but artist Mochida Atsuko has hit the right chords with his project, ‘The Revolving House Of T’.

The architect has altered the rooms to create a 5-meter space in the middle that manually revolves 360°. The revolving structure works as an interactive medium for the viewers to understand the notions of public and private spaces, which was really the basic theme of the project. The wooden home is located in the area of Mito city and was abandoned by the original owner some 10 years ago. The artist avoided using any electrical component in the renovation and instead relied on the local carpenters to install the revolving structure. ‘This work is a site-specific work made based on long-term practices on the installation work intervening in mochida’s building and the topic of public and private’, Atusko talks about his vision on his website. ‘The main themes are relatives relationships, issues about identity based on that change, multilayered relationship between architecture and people, and intervention in open places / closed places.’

revolving house 3

revolving house 2

revolving house 4

revolving house 5

Images: © Ryuichi Taniura

h/t: Design Boom

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