Japan Tests its Maglev Train Whizzing at Speeds of 500km/h (311mph)

Japan recently tested its brand new Maglev train having the ability to cruise at hyper speeds of more than 300 miles per hour. 100 passengers boarded the maglev train for its inaugural run to have an experience of their lives. This trial run was conducted along a 42.8km (27 mile) route between the cities of Uenohara and Fuefuki, where the maglev train zoomed to reach a top speed of 500km/h (311mph). The on-board passengers had a chance to track the ever increasing velocity via monitoring screens fitted inside.

The name “Maglev” comes for the term Magnetic Levitation. As the train doesn’t use any wheels but Magnetic Levitation to ‘float’ directly above the train tracks hence allowing the train to achieve rocking speeds. Another advantage of the levitating trains in addition to their top speeds is noise reduction. The use of magnetic levitation minimizes the friction encountered by ordinary trains therefore making the journey much more comfortable and noise proof by eliminating the squeaking sounds produced by the wheels.




The new Maglev train is even faster than Japan’s famous bullet trains which currently can travel upto 320km/h (200mph). Once the project is completed in 2027, the Maglev Trains would be capable of carrying 1000 passengers at one time at exceptional speeds while operating between Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station and Nagoya. These trains will help to cut the travel time to half bringing the current 80 minutes travel time down to 40 minutes.

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