Invisible Studio creates fancy getaway home with scavenged materials

Where many of us generate large amounts of waste while making a suitable home for ourselves, Invisible Studio is going against the tide by using scrap and scavenged materials to build a low cost, environment friendly and relocatable home for its clients. The studio home, “trailer” was constructed in just £20K budget, with scrap steel and corrugated fiberglass making up its exterior.

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trailer 2

trailer 7

trailer 4

On the other hand, handrails and shuttering ply made up the interior walls and further scavenged materials served as basic elements to create doors, lighting and insulation. Moreover, the Studio further brought down the cost by using same section timber of 125 x 50 mm dimensions to put up on the structure, making up the cross frame of the home.

trailer 9

trailer 8

trailer 3

So, if you are looking for a cheap getaway home that can be relocated every now and then according to the place you prefer to spend your vacation then Invisible Studio’s “Trailer” should quite definitely be your first priority!

trailer 1

trailer 10

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Images: © Jim Stephenson

h/t: Design Boom

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