The new 2020 Land Rover Defender honors the past with 21st century specifications

The fantastic new model of Land Rover will likely represent 70 years of innovation and advancement by remaining a defender for the 21st century, and will honor the vehicle’s history. The new 2020 Land Rover Defender, at last, made an appearance at IAA 2019 in Frankfurt. Everyone loved this amazing vehicle. According to Gerry McGovern,”the new defender is respectful of its past but is not harnessed by it“. This iconic 4×4 has been reconsidered for the 21st century with all the latest technologies and similarly new structure.

Land Rover Defender 10

This new Defender has a unique personality with a perfect outline and ideal extents. These qualities make it more attractive and genuinely a visually compelling 4×4 that wears its structure, design and integrity with a definite commitment. The 2020 Defender will have six models which are named as Defender, Defender S, Defender SE, Defender HSE, Defender X and Defender First Edition.

Land Rover Defender 2 Land Rover Defender 6

It will have four Accessory Packs. Each pack will bring enormous gear. Beginning with the Explorer Pack, that has its rough terrain drive augmentations, wheel curve security and a rooftop rack. The Adventure Pack is for outdoor campers, including a trunk-mounted air blower, a pressurized water reservoir, and it will have a seat integrated backpack. Furthermore, the Country Pack will include the previous two options into a less specific choice while the Urban Pack includes things for the wilderness.

Land Rover Defender 4 Land Rover Defender 3

It features four-wheel drive with ‘Rover’s Terrain Response 2 system, a wade-sensing feature for water fording, and maximum payload capacities. A 5+2 seating arrangement is not-compulsory, but freight space can be replaced with a stow-able third row and includes a front-row centre jump seat.

Land Rover Defender 5 Land Rover Defender 8

The vehicle has a maximum payload capacity of 1,984 pounds (900 kg) with a 370 lb (168 kg) limit of a unique rooftop with a towing capacity of 8,201 lb (3,719 kg). For those planning a rooftop camper, static rooftop load is 661 lb (300 kg). The vehicle can wade up to 35.4 inches (900 mm) into the water.

Land Rover Defender 12 Land Rover Defender 14

Moreover, this 2020 Defender has a new D7x aluminium platform which can expand or contract to fit different designs. The Defender does not share its structure or bodywork with other Land Rover models. It is 0.8 in (20 mm) higher than the ground, and has smaller overhangs at the front and back. This makes the Defender’s wheelbase 119 in (3,022 mm) which is approximately 3.9 in (99 mm).

Land Rover Defender 7 Land Rover Defender 1

The new features included in the Land Rover are the P300 and P400 powertrain alternatives for the Defender. The P300 produces 296 horsepower (221 kW) from a turbocharged four-chamber engine. The P400 moves up to a six-chamber motor with a 48-volt hybrid system for an aggregate of 395 horsepower (295 kW). After this, the two engines mate to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission and twin-speed move box for four-wheel drive.

Land Rover Defender 11

For your surprise, Land Rover has also introduced a new braking setup on the 2020 Defender; it is an actuator-controlled piston system. In about half the time of conventional braking systems, it can lock the wheels. Including more control in rough terrain circumstances.

Land Rover Defender 15 Land Rover Defender 13

The new Land Rover Defender will be available in the US market in the spring of 2020. Starting price will be US$49,900. The little wheelbase Defender 90 will come later in 2020 with a value point announced closer to launch. Land Rover additionally plans to offer a few erratic extras for the Defender past the bundles advertised.

All Images: © Land Rover

Source: Land Rover (via: Design Boom)

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