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Winning entries of International Photographer of the Year Contest will leave you in utter amazement

Photography is an art which knows no boundaries and to celebrate this diversity of the origin as well as of the subject and technical aspects of the photographs, the International Photographer of the Year Contest was held yet again in 2017. The participants ranged from professionals to amateur and winning entries came from both the groups hence establishing that an art-form like photography requires emotions and passion rather than just experience. Moreover, the entries covered a variety of styles and subjects such as, fashion, photojournalism, fine art photography, portraits, cityscapes, landscapes and beauty.

You can check out all the wonderful winning entries from this contest right here!


‘Desert Essential’ by Giovanni Canclini

First place

Open Category: Open Theme (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Giovanni Canclini

“Everything that’s ‘less’ in a picture allows the viewer more fantasy and freedom of interpretation because everyone understands images and words in different ways. As an example, if I think about the word ‘home,’ I imagine my home in a mountain village where I grew up. Someone from New York imagines his ‘home’ completely different from me. This is where I have found a disconnect of communication, especially in the medium of photography. From here, my work started more specifically down this path as I continued to travel around the world focusing more sharply on these thoughts. I don’t wish to impose my thoughts or my political opinion through my photography; I want people to be able to travel with their own thoughts and their own view through my pictures. This approach, this sensibility, is what lead me towards “Desert Essential Series” where the object is to represent the real essence of things and the desert helps to reach this goal. With the series “Desert Essential” I leave the viewer to travel with his own thoughts where he wants.”

‘Losing Face’ by Argus Paul Estabrook

First place

Open Category: Photojournalism/Story (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Argus Paul Estabrook

“In South Korean society, losing face is the worst thing that can happen to a person. The damage of having one’s identity lost to shame is so ruinous, that it can completely destroy a person’s social standing and authority. And that is exactly what happened to the 11th President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye. In late October 2016, Park’s relationship with a shadowy advisor from a shaman-esque cult was revealed to extend to acts of extortion and influence peddling. South Koreans were shocked by the revelations. Demanding a government free from corruption and unknown influences, protesters began staging mass demonstrations every consecutive weekend in Seoul. “

‘Lighting Clothes’ by Ramon Vaquero

Third place

People: Fashion/Beauty (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Ramon Vaquero

“‘Lighting Clothes’ is a personal fashion/beauty image series where clothing or jewelry are replaced by laser light lines, as an attempt to create a metaphor of the conventional elements of the fashion world, as well as an image about the elegance itself.”

‘Heart of Steel’ by Ahmed Thabet

First place

Architecture: Bridges (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Ahmed Thabet

“An abstract approach to the beautiful Seri Wawasan bridge.”

‘Val de Funes under stars’ by Vadim Sherbakov

Second Place

Open Category: Night Photography (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Vadim Sherbakov

This is a composite photo of a milky way and Val de Funes valley in Italy Dolomites.

‘Untitled’ by Pedro Diaz Molins

Second place

Fine Art: Photomanipulation (Amateur)

Image Credits: Pedro Diaz Molins.

‘New Jersey Turnpike’ by Stuart Chape

Second place

Editorial: Environment (Professional)

Image Credits: Stuart Chape

‘The Hosts’ by Isabela Pacini

International People Photographer of the Year

Image & Caption Credits: Isabela Pacini

 “2018 Russia will welcome the whole world as a guest because of the football World Cup. The idea is to portray Russian people as the hosts. The Fotoprojekt is also here to introduce people at different World Cup venues, from different backgrounds and professions who welcome the whole world at home during the football World Cup – from Moscow to Sochi. All together, they convey a picture of Russia and give an insight into the Russian soul.”

‘My Home is my Castle’ by Klaus Lenzen

First Place

Architecture: Buildings (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Klaus Lenzen

The home wants to be protected, for example against unwanted insights. For this, walls, fences, hedges in all shapes, colors and heights are suitable

‘Anarchic’ by Philip Thurston

Second place

Nature: Seascapes (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Philip Thurston

“Gravity-defying display of ocean power along the southwestern Australian Coastline.”

‘Battersea’ by Giulio Zanni

Second place

Open Category: Long Exposure (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Giulio Zanni

“Battersea power-station, London, UK.”

‘Chamaleon Project’ by Ana Santos

Second place

Fine Art: Conceptual (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Ana santos

“Chamaleonidäe (Chamaleon Project) is a reflection on the habitat, the adaptation, the duality, the escape, the finite infinity, the universe woman, the hidden souls. A refuge of conceptual plurality in pursuit of making a mess of what is set, steers us towards new perspectives from what is hidden. An identity full of metaphors and polarities. A place to calm us down, to show us, to hide us, to blend into any living space. An attempt at listening to our inner souls to know where, when and why. What we show, and what we are expected to show: passion, sexuality, maternity; the belonging and excessive places of being. My goal is establishing a dialogue between the geometrical sobriety, articulated through balanced areas of color, rhythm, and composition of its execution, resulting from the exploration of the visual experience of light, space, color, and shape.”

‘Courtship’ by Philip Thurston

International Nature Photographer of the Year

Image & Caption Credits: Philip Thurston

“A beautiful and intimate moment between two Australian Fur Seals off Montague Island, South Coast, NSW.”

‘Singularity’ by Florian W. Mueller

International Architecture Photographer of the Year

Image & Caption Credits: Florian W. Mueller

“Just the building. Reduced to the max. An ongoing series with buildings from all over the world.”

‘White Beauty’ by Judith Kuhn

First Place

Nature: Trees (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Judith Kuhn

Overnight it had snowed, even for the day more snow showers were announced. Everything indicated that the Black Forest would turn into a winter wonderland. On the morning drive towards Schauinsland, however, disillusionment soon spread: in the valleys hardly any snow, even on the Feldberg the firs were green (even if there was a lot of snow otherwise). Several times I thought about turning around and going home. Then, just two kilometers from the finish: the first white trees. The wind drove the clouds against the mountain, over night a layer of frost several centimeters thick had formed and through the dense clouds the trees could be wonderfully cleared. The whole area was tone on tone …

‘Hong Kong Architecture’ by Christiaan van Heijst

Architecture: Buildings (Amateur) – Honorable Mention

Image & Caption Credits: Christiaan van Heijst

The city of Hong Kong cannot be captured in one single visit, let alone photo.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the city is its unique architecture. Because of the limited building space, every inch has to be used as efficiently as possible, resulting in many unique urban buildings that have a view on each other.

Neon Desert’ by Stefano Gardel

International Fine Art Photographer of the Year

Image & Caption Credits: Sefana Gardel

“Re-interpretation of the Nevada desert with industrial and urban neon tonalities.”

‘Wave Crashers’ by Emily Kaszton

First Place

Nature: Aerial (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Emily Kaszton

 “I took these with my Phantom 4 Pro drone and edited them in Lightroom/Photoshop. I’m a water baby and I’m the happiest version of myself near a body of water. I have combined my passion for photography and the beauty of the powerful ocean in these images. They were all taken in Southern California in the last 2-3 months.”

‘To Pylons’ by Jeong Vin Yoon

Second Place

Architecture: Industrial (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Jeong Vin Yoon

During early mourning at Kuwait, I saw a lots of pylon and bus with special light. The bus go to this Pylon world.

‘Monochromatic Hairscapes’ by Michal Balan

First place

People:Fashion/Beauty (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Michal Balan

Series of beauty photos. Collaboration work with award-winning hairstylist Bozena Sarek.”

‘A visit to the stratosphere’ by Christiaan van Heijst

International Open Category Discovery of the Year

Image & Caption Credits: Christiaan van Heijst

“Long exposure shots taken from the Boeing 747 flightdeck. A view into the realm of birds and storms where man was never supposed to be if we had not invented airplanes.”

‘Proud for one second’ by Jan Janssen

International Discovery of the Year

Image & Caption Credits: Jan Janssen

“The mountain gorillas in the Virunga mountains are threatened with extinction. In the past, they shared their habitat with the Batwa Pygmies. In the early 1990’s the Batwa were evicted from the parks of Bwindi and the Mgahinga National Parks, in the effort to protect the mountain gorillas and their habitat. The Batwa were evicted with no compensation and it has been over 20 years now. They are impoverished and the government is still not helping.”

‘La Mancha 2017’ by Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

First Place

Fine Art: Conceptual (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

An update of the myth of the windmill. Made in Ciudad Real and Albacete (La Mancha – Spain)

‘Beckon Us from Home’ by Sarah Blesener

International Photographer of the Year

Image & Credits: Sarah Blesener

“With activities like water gun games, racing, and tug-a-war, this could easily be mistaken for a YMCA summer camp in Salt Lake City. However, 900 students across Utah are attending a weeklong “Patriot Camp,” focusing on patriotic education and the constitution.”

‘Manhattan Bridge New York’ by Stuart Chape

Second Place

Architecture: Bridges (Professional)

Image Credits: Stuart Chape

‘Berlin Flat White’ by Martin Waltz

Third Place

Architecture: Buildings (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Martin Waltz

Berlin flat white is a photographic essay on the government district of Berlin. It explores the relationship between men and architecture. The human element is both insignificant in size and at the same untouched by the rather monumental building. Berlin flat white challenges the standard approach to architecture photography by not trying to create a 3 dimensional space. For me the human figure is the only valid reference. Highlighting the “sameness” of modern architecture one subject is purposefully repeated in slight variations as a Leitmotiv.

‘Curvilinear’ by A. Tamboly

First Place

Architecture: Interior (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: A. Tamboly

The university of economics in Vienna has a new library and learning center. But this university library is different from any other you may have encountered. the new library designed by the infamous Zaha Hadid is a piece of art itself. One of the main characteristics of the building is that as soon as you step in you leave the straight walls behind, as there won’t be a single straight column or wall in this building, which makes it kind of a unique experience of its own, not only for students but also for art and architecture enthusiasts. The interior of the LLC is informed by the external circulation of the master plan which maps out the different levels of the building. The straight lines of the building’s exterior separate as they move inward, becoming curvilinear and fluid to generate a free-formed interior canyon that serves as the principal public plaza of the center, as well as generating corridors and bridges ensuring smooth transitions between different levels. The external appearance of the LLC is characterized by two elements of contrasting colours separated by a glass joint: shell and shadow. These different colours facilitate the orientation and understanding of the two primary areas of the building from the exterior.

‘Fishermen’ by Maciej Nowacki

Second Place

Editorial: Documentary (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Maciej Nowacki

Hel, Poland. This is a story about fishermen showing their work. They work mostly during night, six days per week. Cruise start at midnight and ends at the mornings.

‘City of the Dead’ by Alina Fedorenko

Third Place

Editorial: Documentary (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Alina Fedorenko

The City of the Dead“ is an ancient cemetery that is a residential neighborhood for the very poor people in Egypt. Cairo’s alternative for those who are the poorest, live in „The City of the Dead“ area between graveyards. A life between tombs and mausoleum structures, where people live and work amongst the dead. The settlement is far from legal, but the Egyptian government has long since given up on evicting residents. Doing so, would require the unattractive proposition of moving the inhabitants to state-built apartments or forcing the creation of alternate slums.
The first cemetery caretakers have passed the jobs on to their children and so many generations living and raising families at the same place without moving, after being forced from central Cairo due to urban renewal demolitions and urbanization pressures, that increased from the early 1950s and forward. Other residents immigrated in from the countryside, looking for work. Most of the residents are three generations of Egyptians living in the necropolis, who grew up are raising the next generations. Women with children who lost their husbands and not able to finance life, depending on other male family members. The neighborhood is poorly policed, and crime is on the rise. This place has its own rules and some of the criminals found here a place too, next to families who are raising children.

‘Karabash, the dirty blood of the Earth’ by Pierpaolo Mittica

First Place

Editorial: Environmental (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Pierpaolo Mittica

The Russian city of Karabash, in Russia, is one of the most polluted places on earth. The city is the site of a copper-smelting plant, built more than a 100 years ago, and its toxic waste has caused enormous pollution and dire health problems for the inhabitants of the region.
Since 1910, when the plant first started working, more than 180 tons of sulphur dioxide and heavy metals are released into the air every year. Forests, rivers and the soil all have an orange tint because of the residues from the processing of copper and iron, whose concentration is 500 times higher than it would normally be. The immense emissions of sulphur dioxide and the highly polluting atmospheric particulate matter are responsible for the higher rates of skin diseases, cancer, strokes and congenital malformations among the population.
In 1970, Karabash was a city of 70 thousand inhabitants, there are currently 16 thousand. Those who have the chance, escape from this hell, but most of the population does not have the possibility to leave, and their average life expectancy is 45 years. A large part of the city, that which is downwind of the plant, was evacuated over the years because of the high concentration of dioxin. Today only the bones of a ghost town remain.
The city is divided in two by a large black mountain made of copper processing debris called Black Slag. It is twenty meters high and more than two kilometres in length, and the dust constitutes a constant threat to the population, especially when the wind blows. Today, the landscape is completely burned by carbon dioxide. The copper smelting plant has transformed the area into a living hell.

‘Autumn became Winter’ by Giorgio Varenna.

Third Place

Nature: Trees (Amateur)

Image & Caption Credits: Giorgio Varenna.

A wonderful dawn of a late autumn day with winter at the doors.

‘Lucha Libre Extrema’ by Annick Donkers

First Place

Editorial: Sports (Professional)

Image and Caption Credits: Annick Donkers

The Lucha Libre Extrema series emerged from a growing interest I had in Mexican professional wrestling. I was soon drawn towards sub-genres of the sport such as Lucha Libre Exótica and Lucha Extrema. This semi-clandestine hardcore genre is currently prohibited in Mexico City because of how dangerous it is, but events still take place outside the capital, notably at a car wash-turned-arena in Tulancingo, the village where El Santo, Mexico’s most famous pro wrestler, was born. The participants receive professional training and are paid a little bit more because of the risks they take. They perform with a variety of weapons: chairs, thumbtacks, wire, and fluorescent lights, turning the ring into a war zone. Yet the community of luchadores “extremos” is closely knit and few outsiders have gained access. Mexico has been a very violent place in recent years. As such, I found it fascinating that people were drawn to the dangerous world of Lucha Libre Extrema and turned my camera to the audience in an attempt to understand their reasons.

‘Counting stars’ by Isabella Tabacchi

Third Place

Nature: Landscapes (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Isabella Tabacchi

Italian Dolomites. This is a panoramic image of the Milky Way arch seen from Re Alberto hut near Vajolet Towers (on the left, partially covered by the fog).

‘The Icebergs of Disko Bay’ by Erez Marom

First Place

Nature: Seascapes (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Erez Marom

In the west of the huge island of Greenland lies Disko Bay, a haven of still water and beautiful landscapes. The magnificent Sermeq Qujalek (Ilulissat Glacier), which connects to the bay through the 60km long Kangia Fjord, is one of the world’s fastest moving glaciers, constantly producing enormous icebergs, which float along the fjord to be dispersed in the bay.

‘Night Mangrove’ by Mat Beetson

Second Place

Nature: Trees (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Mat Beetson

The approaching high tide rises above the mangrove roots highlighting the beautiful shape of the trunk, the long exposure smoothed out the water whilst recording a gentle blur in the leaves and long enough to capture the stars of the Southern Cross.

‘Ice’ By Samuel Feron

Third Place

Nature: Seascapes (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Samuel Feron

A series of pieces of iceberg laying on a beach formed with black sand.

‘Chemical ponds’ by Christophe Martin

Second Place

Nature: Aerial (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Christophe Martin

Aerial view of chemical ponds, north Las Vegas

‘Men on the edge’ by Peter Svoboda

Second Place

Nature: Landscapes (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Peter Svoboda

Group of climbers heading to thee top of the Breithorn summit in Swiss Alps. Weather change soon covered entire scene. Images taken in September 2017.

‘Waving Nets’ by Danny Yen Sin Wong

First Place

People: Travel (Professional)

Image & Caption Credits: Danny Yen Sin Wong

Fisherman at work while the wind blows up the nets on the river

Source: International Photographer Of The Year

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