These entries from the International Garden Photographer of the Year will leave you mesmerized

Botanical photography is not really a renowned field since it hardly witnesses any limelight in the commercial photography world. However, The International Garden Photographer of the Year along with the association of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, have been key players in promoting garden photography and giving it the attention that it deserves by forming a platform of awards which then culminate into an exhibition in London as well as other countries around the globe.

Check out the winning photographs from over 11 categories to get simply mesmerized by the natural beauty of plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetables.

The Bountiful Earth category

Location: Aberglasney Gardens, Carmarthenshire, Wales

1 1

Image: © Nigel McCall

Wildflower Landscapes

Location: Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Goiás, Brazil

2 1

Image: © Marcio Cabral

Captured at Kew

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, England

3 1

Image: © Zygmunt Szot

Trees, Woods and Forests

Location: Padley Gorge, Peak District national park, Derbyshire, England

4 1

Image: © Dave Fieldhouse

Wildlife in the Garden

Location: Criccieth, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

5 1

Image: © Alan Price

Gardens on the Go

Location: Gloucestershire, England, UK

6 1

Image: © Jane Simmonds

‘I blended together multiple images of Clematis seeds from my garden to create an artistic and intriguing composition.’

The Beauty of Plants

Location: Cambridgeshire, England

7 1

Image: © Mandy Dishe

Beautiful Gardens

Location: Great Dixter house and gardens, East Sussex, England,

8 1

Image: © Nicky Flintt

Abstract Views category

Location: Northumberland, England, UK.

9 1

Image: © Cathryn Baldock

‘I overlaid multiple images of lily pads at different scales to emphasise their beauty and intricacy’

Young Garden Photographer of the Year

Location: Hydrangea in Palo Alto, California, US

10 1

Image: © Claire Wei/Yang Yu Wei

Breathing Spaces

Location: Tombstone territorial park, Yukon Territory, Canada

11 1

Image: © Andrea Pozzi

Winner, Outdoor Living 

Location: Ellicar, Doncaster, England

12 1

Image: © Clare Forbes

Greening the City

Location: Hong Kong, China

13 1

Image: © Annie Green-Armytage

European Garden Photography Award

Location: Corfu, Greece

14 1

Image: © Marianne Majerus/MMG

The Beauty of Plants category

Location: Sussex, England

15 1

Image: © Carol Casselden

A carpet of purple heather

Location: Stoborough Heath National Nature Reserve, Dorset

Garden Photographer Competition 8

Image: © Mark Bauer

A hobbit door, called the Moon Gate

Location: Bavaria, Germany.

Garden Photographer Competition 1

Image: © Annie Green-Armytage

Golden Rice Rolling Hills

Location: Zhejiang Province in China

Garden Photographer Competition 7

Image: © Shaofeng Zhang

Endangered medicinal plant growing wild in the mountains

Location: Yunnan, China

Garden Photographer Competition 4

Image: © Yi Fan

Val Buscagna

Location: Piedmont, Italy.

Garden Photographer Competition 3

Image: © Mauro Tronto

Wild European hamster smelling a flower

Location: Vienna, Austria

Garden Photographer Competition 9

Image: © Henrik Spranz

Frozen landscape at New Castle

Location: Ansembourg, Luxembourg

Garden Photographer Competition 6

Image: © Marianne Majerus


Location: East Sussex

Garden Photographer Competition 2

Image: © John Glover

Wild Narcissus on the slopes of Golica Peak

Location: Slovenia

Garden Photographer Competition 5

Image: © Anne Maenurm

Wisteria in full bloom

Location: Germany

Garden Photographer Competition 10

Image: © Volker Michael

Isolated group of pines, obscured by mist and rain

Location: The Trossachs, Stirling, Scotland

Garden Photographer Competition 11

Image: © William Dore

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