Inforgraphic shows how you can live longer by adopting these surprising habits

No matter how much we talk about hardships in our lives, we all hope to live long and work towards making the extended life as happy as it can possibly be. With these thoughts in our subconscious mind, we tend to make better lifestyle choices which is more or less focused on what we eat and how much we exercise. But, what if we tell you that there are many other surprising ways that will help you live longer without causing you too much inconvenience? Founder of Information is Beautiful, David McCandless has recently released an infographic which shows you all these ways by representing actual scientific data.

The chart points out that cat owners are likely to have 30% less chances of suffering from a heart attack while sleeping for no less than 7 hours and not more than 8 hours can extend your lifespan as well. Furthermore, men can increase 15 years to their lives if they spend more time with women in their formative years while women can simply live longer by being optimistic. However, one of the most surprising facts on this infographic is the effect that loneliness can have on the number of years in your lifetime. According to the data, one day of loneliness is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes and this is why, hanging out with friends and having a good social life is advisable for living longer.

Check out more of these surprising facts right here in this infographic!

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Image Credits: Information is Beautiful

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h/t: My Modern Met

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