Impressive solar-powered luxury resort in Maldives generates its own electricity

Yuji Yamazaki Architecture (YYA), an architectural firm based in New York designed the recently opened Kudadoo Maldives Private Island in Lhaviani Atoll, Maldives. This exclusive holiday destination has a strong focus on sustainability and is distinguished by its great photovoltaic roof. To show what is indeed possible for sustainable tourism, Yuji Yamazaki Architecture firm created plans for the island resort by integrating solar panels into the overall design of the island.

According to the company, usually the solar panels are located in discreet locations in the Maldives with the only function to provide energy, but the photovoltaic roof in Kudadoo is not hidden and has become the icon of the place. The solar concept should be as persuasive and informative as it is productive. The size of the solar roof can be assessed by visitors and can understand the relationship to the scale of the resort it serves.

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The building’s design reveals its geometry that minimizes artificial light and electricity consumption during the day as it allows sunlight to come through the gaps between the panels and maximizes its electricity productions by its angle.

The solar system at Kudadoo Island generates power of 320-kW (KW peak) that is enough to power the entire 7.4 acre (3 Hectare) island retreat, and there is no need for any additional energy supply. Furthermore, it is expected that the initial expense to completely install the solar system will pay for itself in just five years.

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The wooden structure including each residence on the island retreat is built with eco-conscious materials. The timber used is from sustainably certified forests in Indonesia, New Zealand, and Canada. One of the aims of Island’s architecture was to provide passive house features such as lots of natural airflows, natural light during the day, and the private outdoor decks of more than 50% of all the water villas are designed to provide at least five hours of shade every day.

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The one or two bedroom residences are situated on the sand lagoon and are available to guests. Each private villa has an open floor plan with a king-size bedroom, spacious bathroom, Tasmanian Oak floors, handmade furniture, large lounge, extensive private outdoor deck that offers uninterrupted sea views an infinity plunge pool and a personal butler.

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Along with many features, it also offers an outdoor deck, a large resort style swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and wine cellar. The guests have the option to enjoy their private dining in their villa, or they can visit any local culinary destinations, which also includes the nearby 5.8 undersea restaurant. Local activities include fishing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, day trips, and many more water sports.

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With this many facilities, it is for sure that the accommodation at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island doesn’t come cheap. The prices for a single-night stay in a one bedroom residence for two people start from US$4000 and price is exclusive of taxes and fees.

All Images: Courtesy of Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Project: Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Architects: Yuji Yamazaki Architecture

h/t: New Atlas

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