Ili, The Real-Time Wearable Translator Is Reducing Language Barriers

Suppose you are in Paris. You’ve seen the Eiffel, wandered through Champs-Élysées, had the world-famous Ladurée’s macaroons, and now you’re on your way to Nice. You’re on the train, and suddenly you realize you are going in the opposite direction. Worried sick, you start running around trying to tell people to stop the train and guide you to the right one but no one seems to understand your language.

Okay relax, nightmare’s over – this was just an analogy!

Point is, language barrier becomes one of the biggest hurdles while traveling to different countries of the world! Imagine if this wasn’t an issue anymore? No, I’m not suggesting that you learn all languages or have Google translate up and running on your mobile data everywhere. What if I tell you someone has invented a device that will understand each and every sentence you’ll speak in your own language and provide its real time translation in the desired language!

Ili is the world’s first wearable translator that requires no internet or Wi-Fi connection. All you need to do is push a button on the device and speak the sentence that you wish ili to translate (just like talking to Siri). The device then automatically says the sentence out loud in the respective language. How convenient!

So, if it needs no internet, how does it work? The device has its own in built translation engine equipped with a speech synthesis chipset which enables it to translate all sentences accurately. It has its own travel lexicon library as well for globe trotters.

Ili was introduced to the world at CES’16, and the response was simply overwhelming! People loved how they didn’t even have to type a sentence, but just had to say it (read: minimal effort). The genius behind this, Logbar, says that he will add more language options in order to expand his market. For now, ili can only translate English, Chinese and Japanese. The company says that it will take time to add more languages because right now its main aim is to ensure that the translations are accurately delivered, and aren’t just word-to-word translations that make sentences illogical.

Stay tuned because the next edition will have Korean, Thai and French translations, and later on, Arabic, Italian and Spanish will be added too!

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