IKEA’s futuristic furniture incorporates wireless charging for your devices

No one can ever mind aesthetically pleasing furniture in their homes but sometimes good things come with a lot of wires that spoil the whole sleek look of the beautiful furniture pieces. Thankfully, it is not just us who find wires annoying, the well-known Swedish furniture company, IKEA also shares the same thought.

IKEA and the Wireless Power Consortium have come together to create a line of sleek-looking lamps and bedside tables that make use of the Oi chargers that do not depend on any wires. The wireless charging is compatible with approximately 80 smartphones excluding Samsung and Apple, which is bit of a letdown but this innovation has surely open doors for future modification and it has made it quite likely to have a bedroom free of annoying coils of wires! Check out the simplistic design of the lamp and the side table right below!

Images: © IKEA

References:  gizmondo | ikea.com (the pad) | ikea.com (the lamp)

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