Hyundai is introducing fingerprint scanners to its new cars for unlocking and ignition

Hyundai has earned itself a big name with an excellent reputation in the automobile industry. When it comes to the keyless entry or starting a car, Hyundai is the pioneer of manufacturing vehicles that has a keyless entry and ignition features. Hyundai’s upcoming SUV Santa Fe 2019 is featured with fingerprint sensors for unlocking the car and igniting the engine. There is a fingerprint sensor fitted on the door handle to open the door locks and to start the car; the driver will place a finger on the start button equipped with fingerprint technology. The fingerprint sensor will identify and deliver the encrypted information of scanning to the controller fitted inside the vehicle. The fingerprint technology can save the data and profiles of 5 drivers.

Hyundai Fingerprint Scanner 2

Apart from unlocking and starting an engine of a car, the fingerprint technology is also used for customizing the car to the personal profile of a driver. A driver can adjust seats, side mirrors, connectivity, and other entertainment settings according to his or her needs. In future, Hyundai has a plan to introduce this technology in maintaining the temperature of the car cabin, position of a steering wheel, and many other features which would be personalized to the preferences of the driver. The fingerprint sensors have a low probability in misreading the fingerprints, i.e., there is a chance of 1 in 50,000. Hyundai claims that the system will continuously enhance its accuracy over time.

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe was showcased at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The showcased vehicle was also equipped with DuerOS technology. This technology is similar to the Voice Assistant Technology of the Mercedes, but in addition to this, the DuerOS will allow drivers as well as passengers to speak commands to the vehicle for various features and functions like weather, music system, a navigation system, and other infotainment services. The 2019 SUV is also equipped with the Rear Occupant Alert system that helps in monitoring the rear seat for motion. Hyundai is using advanced capacitance recognition to detect the fake fingerprints.

Hyundai Fingerprint Scanner 1

The fingerprint technology has to be very robust and sturdy to withstand in harsh weather conditions like snow, heat, rain and freezing temperatures. However, Hyundai has still not announced the other methods of entering and starting a vehicle for backup in case sensor stop working. It seems possible to eradicate the fear of losing car keys with this technology.

All Image: Courtesy of Hyundai Media Center

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