Hyundai and KIA aim to launch self-charging and self-parking vehicles by 2025

Hyundai and KIA aim to launch an electric vehicle by 2025 that will be able to charge and park itself unaided. This concept is known as electrical vehicle charging system with automated valet parking system. The company’s goal is to improve the customers’ convenience. With these vehicles the users will soon be able to direct their cars to charging stations and park themselves using just their smartphones, and pick them up after they are completely charged.

Hyundai and Kia Self Parking Cars 3

At first the owners of the car command their vehicle to charge itself using their smartphone, upon receiving that command the car will drive itself to the nearest charging station and after the completion of charging it will find an empty space and park itself so that other vehicles of the same type can charge themselves. The owner can then direct the vehicle to return to them, again using just their phone. There is constant contact between the owner, the car, charging stations and parking lots.

Hyundai and Kia Self Parking Cars 4

With an increase in the number of electric vehicles with time, the charging stations and parking lots are becoming congested hence these vehicles by Hyundai and KIA will provide a convenient solution for the people. The two firms aim to make this technology available to all by the year 2025 and launch the level 4 autonomous vehicles alongside it.

All Images: Courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group

h/t: Design Boom

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