Christoffer Relander Combines Humans With Nature In Stunning Multiple Exposure Series

It is not as easy as it seems to separate ourselves from the environment and even though we tend to forget this simple fact every now and then due to our materialistic lifestyles that in fact we are the very core of the nature. Then, there comes an artist who gives us a reality check right when we need it the most.

Finnish photographer, Christoffer Relander is one such artist who gives us this important reminder through his multiple exposure photography. With his strong background in graphic designing and fine arts, Relander effortlessly creates thought-provoking yet relatable images for his series, “We Are Nature Vol. III”. He uses the multiple exposure technique to play with the textures of images and eventually incorporates the nature with human portraits to create exceptional art.

The complicated artwork that Relander creates is basically an ode to his childhood in Finnish countryside which he describes as, “beautiful natural environments, environments that I cannot imagine any child could ignore.”

multiple exposure 3

multiple exposure 4

multiple exposure 5

multiple exposure 10

multiple exposure 8

multiple exposure 2

multiple exposure 1

multiple exposure 6

multiple exposure 9


References: Mashable, Christofer

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