Honda is testing multi-purpose autonomous vehicles for off-grid operations

Honda is planning to deliver AWV or Autonomous Work Vehicle in future. These autonomous vehicles are in the testing phase. Honda has manufactured small prototypes that are capable of performing handy tasks outdoors. These prototypes are also being tested in the field of firefighting, search and rescue, agriculture, snow removal applications and for construction. Honda is also looking for the partners or sponsors to join them so that this technology can be further improved.

Hondas AWV vehicle 5 Hondas AWV vehicle 3

The AWV is an agricultural 4WD quad bike that operates and moves with the help of sensors and other self-driving equipment. The railing system of Honda AWV allows you to mount all types of plug-ins and accessories. The necessary autonomous capabilities of the AWV will enable you to set it in multiple modes of operation. This feature makes it convenient for using a wide range of applications. Honda is testing the vehicle with a mower behind it. The testing site of the AWV is in North Carolina where the autonomous vehicle is busy in keeping the weed and grass down at a 178-acre solar plant.

Hondas AWV vehicle 6 Hondas AWV vehicle 1

On the other hand, in Colorado, the fire department has these vehicles which are following the commands of firefighters, carrying heavy gear and moving through steep and difficult terrain to control forest fires. In California, these vehicles are also used in the field of agriculture for testing purpose. These AWVs are used in spraying crops for pest and weed control. It protects humans from direct interaction with chemicals. Moreover, these machines can also shuttle back and carry harvested crops from the fields to the packing operation.

Hondas AWV vehicle 7 Hondas AWV vehicle 2

Honda announced that these AWVs are not yet available for commercial purposes. The 3E-D18 is the code name given to the project. The company is hopeful to have some partners that can aid in developing and improving technology.

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h/t: New Atlas

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