GlobalPost Reveals Every Country’s Highest Valued Export Products

As much as we like to think that we are completely independent the matter of fact is that, all of us are connected in one way or another and all of us get benefited by co-dependence whether we look at it from an individual perspective or from a global one.  GlobalPost collected data from CIA Factbook to visualize the inter-dependency of all the countries on each other on the basis of the valuable commodities they export in the world. The maps depict the highest valued export of each region such as, oil from Middle East, automobile parts from USA and diamonds from Africa.

Go through the maps to learn more about the source of the commodities that we use in our daily lives!

exports 2

exports 3

exports 4

exports 5

exports 6

exports 7

exports 8

exports 1

References: Business Insider, Time

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