Here is why you should dress up well while travelling via plane

It surely makes sense when people decide to dress comfortably for all those long flights because let’s be honest. who would want to sit buttoned up for so many hours in an upright position in a place where nobody is noticing you, right? Wrong. Here are all the reasons why it is important to dress up well at the airports than at any other place.

Because you do get noticed!

If you think you are not being noticed at the airport then you need to think again. “But by whom?” is probably the question that you have in mind and the answer is pretty simple, the airport management! You might not know that by their professional attitude but you will experience this in case you are waiting for an upgrade. The flights are usually all booked but on rare occasions when they are not, people who are dressed up well have a much higher probability of securing a better seat. A gate agent was asked to verify this myth and he stated, “Yes, the better dressed you are, the more likely you are to nab that seat. I am not going to put someone wearing flip-flops up front with our best customers”.

Because it will make you feel better about yourself.

When people dress up sloppily when flying, they often forget that the travel is not just about the takeoff but also about the landing. Dressing up well will make you feel better about yourself once you land at your holiday destination? Besides, you can always end up meeting an acquaintance at the airport when you are traveling!

Because flight attendants are humans, too.

Of course, it is the duty of the flight attendants to treat all the passengers equally and nicely but let us be true to ourselves, how nicely would you serve a person who looks like a train wreck and smells like a dirty sock? Exactly the point! Flight attendants are humans too and they have the same initial reaction to mess as we all do. Moreover, it is also about keeping their workplace clean and yes, that means no dirty flip flops!

Because you will get more space in your suitcase!

Even if you look like mess while on a plane, we dearly hope that you do not plan to look the same while you are at your destination. If you do not plan to wear the same clothes again, ask this to yourself whether you want to wear them at all? It is wiser to dress up well and let go of your comfortable yet messy outfit so that you can fit in stuff that you might actually be using during your travel in your suitcase!

Header Image Credits: AMC/Mad Men

Reference: Business Insider, Metro

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