Here are the most convenient ways to get rid of bad breath

Nobody wants to be the one with a bad breath when sitting with a bunch of people and using a mouth freshener over and over again in front of company is not really a convenient way to get rid of the disconcerting smell either. Luckily, Dr. Ada Cooper has given us some basic dental hygiene guidelines to keep the bad breath away.

Cooper explains that the bacteria in the mouth start degrading the food that gets stuck in between the teeth and this activity gives rise to the smell, that is anything but pleasant. The smell becomes stronger over the night if the mouth is not properly cleaned. Hence the easiest way to prevent your mouth from smelling bad is to brush and floss your teeth daily, especially at night.

Staying hydrated also makes a huge difference as the bacteria’s tendency to sit in your mouth increases when the mouth is dry and the saliva is less. Drinking more water throughout the day and avoiding products that can make your mouth dry such as alcohol, cigarettes and coffee can be an effective substitute to mouthwash in preventing the bad odour to develop inside your mouth. However, if you follow all these dental routines but they don’t make a difference then you might want to pay visit to a dentist.

Source: Business Insider

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