Ultimate Guide to Identify a Google Voice Number Lookup

In this article you are going to learn:

  1. How to identify a caller.
  2. How to set up google voice number.

Even in the digital era of today, unknown calls are a common and frustrating experience for many of us. Scammers’ go-to weapon even today is telephone calls. So, what if you’re getting calls from an unknown Google Voice Number? While it could be a genuine lost friend trying to reach out, chances of it being a scammer are slightly higher. What you would need to do at this point is to confirm the identity of the caller before deciding to respond. Google Voice Number Lookup is the optimum solution for this.

How can I identify a Google Voice number?

To use most of the services on Google Voice number lookup, you will need a Google Voice number. This is a separate phone number that you can use to send and receive phone calls, text messages, and voicemails. It is the same as with modern smartphones, except it is free. Many users also opt for their Google Voice number to redirect calls to landline and mobile numbers.

What is my Google Voice number?

Your Google Voice number is the phone number tied to your account on the Google Voice service. With your GV number, you can send and receive phone calls, text messages, and voicemail messages through Google Voice. Google Voice number also allows you to redirect calls to your mobile and landline numbers. The Google Voice number can be set up both for personal as well as business purposes

Setting up a Google Voice Number

Here’s how you can set up your own Google Voice Number.

  1. Visit the Google Voice website on your web browser.

Open your web browser of choice and navigate to Google Voice.

  1. Identify your Google Account.

The first step would be signing in to your Google account. The page will ask you to type in the email address or phone number associated with your Google Account in the box labelled “Email or Phone.” When done, click Next.

  1. Type in your Google Account password.

Google will ask you to enter its password once your account is recognized. Simply type in the password of your Google account in response to the box “Enter Your Password” and then click Next.

  1. Choose your Google Voice number.

Provided no errors popped up so far, you will find yourself on the main screen for your Google Voice account. If you haven’t set up your Google Voice number, you will be prompted to do so at the bottom of the screen. Click Choose Number, and then click Continue on the next page.

  1. Find an available phone number in your area.

You will have to next search for an available phone number to claim as your Google Voice number. Click inside the search box provided and type in either your area code or city’s name, and then click the magnifying glass search button (or just press the “Enter”/”Return” key on your keyboard).

Google voice number lookup
Credits: Google

How to Perform a ‘Google Voice Number Lookup’ Search?

The ‘Google Voice Number Lookup’ is a handy app to reveal the unknown Google Voice number. The interface makes performing a search easy and less time-consuming. The steps are short and simple:

Enter Phone Number: Copy the number that you have been receiving calls from. Enter the phone number into the Google Voice Number Lookup tool and allow the app to run the search.

Google Voice Number Lookup Starts: As you enter the phone number and select the search option, the app will begin the name-revealing process. You will be redirected to another page and in under 3 minutes, the relevant information will be displayed to you on your screen. A report will be generated including all the details about the particular Google Voice number.

How to Find Your Google Voice Number on Android?

For Android users, getting Google Voice number is possible in just the three following steps.

  • Open your Voice app on your phone (Android device)
  • Navigate to ‘Menu’ (at the top left) and click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • A voice number will be displayed under ‘Account’. This is your Google Voice number.
  • In case there is no number shown, it is an indication that you haven’t set up your Google Voice for the Google Account yet.

If you remember using a different account with Voice, go ahead with the sign-in procedure. You can follow the same steps to find the Voice number.

You can add Voice to a personal account as well. To do that, you need to tap ‘get a Google Voice Number’.

How to Find Your Google Voice Number on iPhone & iPad:

The following steps can be followed by an iOS user to find their Google Voice Number:

  • Open your Voice app on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
  • Navigate to ‘Menu’ (at the top left) and click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • You will find a voice number under ‘Account’. This is your Google Voice number.

How to Find Your Google Voice Number on Your Computer?

If you are using your computer to find your Google Voice Number, simply go to the Google Voice website (voice.google.com) and sign in to your Google Account. After signing in to your Google Account, click on the ‘Settings’ button (in the top right). Go to the ‘Account’ option to see the number which is your Google Voice Number. If no number is displayed there, you do not have any Google Voice Number set up to that Google Account.

How to Find Your Google Voice Username or Email Address?

If you remember your Google Voice Number but are in a situation where you cannot remember your username or email address, you can retrieve either or both just by the using the number itself.

Go to the Voice Account recovery page google account recovery) and enter the Google Voice number and click ‘Submit’. Follow the on-screen instructions to get back your email address or find out your username. It will also allow you to manage your Google Voice number. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu to update your forwarding number.

Pros and Cons of Google Voice Number

What makes Google Voice so attractive is that it is free. Moreover, you don’t have to ask each caller where they are calling from. Additionally, advertising for multiple practice areas or to different markets, let’s you know before you even answer the phone what type of case you are about to discuss by simply saving your multiple Google Voice numbers in your phone and labelling them as the associated marketing source and practice area.

A big con of Google Voice is that you don’t get caller ID. If you miss a call and the caller doesn’t leave a voicemail, you’ll have to log in to Google Voice and check the History (missed call logs) to get the number to call back.

Google Number Lookup
Credits: guteksk7/Shutterstock

How to Search Your Google Voice History?

You can search for your voicemail history, text, or call using one or more of the commands.

Search by Person: Use someone’s phone number or name to find voicemails, texts, and calls from the concerned person. The name or number can be used ‘from’, ‘to’, ‘with’, and ‘number’.

Search by Date: Another way to search Voice history is by using before and after the date. Using a specific date, you can find all calls, voicemails, and texts.

Search by Folder: Search directly by inbox, voicemail, SMS, trash, and unread folders to find calls, voicemails, or texts.

Search by Keyword: You may also use a particular keyword to find all voicemails and texts in the message.

Google Voice and Chrome

You can have your Google Chrome show notifications for voicemail transcripts, missed calls, and text messages with the following steps:

  • Visit the Google Voice website on Chrome.
  • You can see an option that says ‘voice.google.com wants to: Show notifications’.
  • You are then required to click on the ‘Allow’ option.

If you want Chrome to notify you when you miss a call, just follow these steps.

  • Visit the Google Voice website on Chrome.
  • Click ‘Settings’ and click ‘Calls’.
  • You will have to then turn on the ‘Get email alerts for missed calls’ option.

This is all you need to know about revealing a caller using this google voice number lookup service. We hope that you find this useful.
What new thing did you learn? will you set up Google Voice now? we would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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