Grow vegetables right inside your living room with iHarvest vertical garden

The innovation in modern-age has enabled us to grow vegetables and fruits exactly when we need them and that too in the comfort of our homes. That is what indoor gardens like Cell One and others deliver. Similar to these, a new vertical garden has been introduced by IGWorks named the iHarvest that grows almost thirty veggies and fruits!

Vertical Garden

The campaign for fundraising for the production of this grade is up on Kickstarter. The iHarvest vertical garden can grow veggies like greens, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc. and fruits like berries and melons among others. The incredible thing is that it only requires 2.5 square feet of area for a garden that provides freshness for a whole year.

Vertical Garden

The whole process of growing crops is pretty much automated. The users are required only to put the seeds in a “growing medium” and then placing them up in the vertical garden and adding water. The system requires only 70W of power, and the garden doesn’t require particular weather conditions to deliver a crop. Also, users have the ability to change the sunshine exposure using the LED lights.

Vertical Garden

According to IGWorks, “All the existing systems were either too small to grow real food or too ugly to enjoy with your family and friends.” They found that the original systems were also unappealing to the eye and just too expensive. Hence, the idea behind iHarvest vertical garden was to create something that was so small that it could fit in the smallest of living quarters and provide people with fresh food for up to a year.

Vertical Garden

Every iHarvest vertical garden will come with a growing medium, seeds, and fifty net cups. The fundraising campaign has already made its small target fund. The price is expected to be at 499 USD. The indoor garden is scheduled to be launched in September of this year.

All Images: © IGWorks

Sources: IGWorksKickstarter (via: New Atlas)

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