Greek miniature artist creates fantasy worlds encased in pocket watches

Greek artist, Gregory Grozos is adding an unbelievable charm to miniature art form with each of his creations and we bet that nobody can even come close to the spectacular miniature worlds he creates by using all kinds of antique jewelry. Grozo’s handmade miniature pieces are encased in pocket watches or pendants and each artwork reflects a story of a fantasy world. The tiny figurines placed in the setting of a forest, a fairytale or workplace look absolutely enchanting whereas the details added to them with elements like cogs and trees are stunning beyond words. Grozo’s work also includes a mesmerizing recreation of a scene from Jack and The Beanstalk in which the growing stalk is connecting the ground with the giant’s home up above the sky. Apart from this, the artist has created scenes of factories in which miniature figurines are shown operating complex machines, which are also handmade by the way. While reflecting on his work, Grozo shares, “A few years ago I had the idea of making an entire tiny world which a person can carry on him or her,” reveals Grozos. “I then started developing ways to do exactly that. My work is very painstaking and most pieces take days or even weeks to complete.”

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h/t: My Modern Met