Google street view cars will now collect data and map air quality all around the world

With the devastatingly increasing amount of pollution that is resulting in climate change, it has become vital to start easy monitoring of the amount of damage that is being caused. Google street view is now doing its part by installing air quality sensors from a company called Aclima. Aclima is widely known for testing the air quality standards across cities and will now join hands with one of the biggest technological corporations.

In order to keep users up to date with areas that have the poorest air quality, Google street view cars will take pictures and integrate this information on to the maps. The air quality sensors have been installed in the Google vehicles and will monitor the levels of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitric oxide and particulate matter in ambient air.

In 2015, Aclima worked with Google Street View to determine the air quality in one of their offices in California. A few months ago, Aclima then first tested their sensors, in London. After the successful testing of the sensors they were immediately partnered with Google.

In the past three years, Google cars have travelled a distance of 100,000 miles in California and collected billion data points. The data points can prove to be essential in order to carry out sustainable development. Land areas that have low air quality standards can be noted and development can be done in areas with better air quality. Major health affects including damage to the lungs and respiratory problems can be avoided using the information.

 “We found you can have the best air quality and the worst air quality all on the same street. Understanding that can help with everything from urban planning to understanding your personal exposure,” said Davida Herzl, founder of Aclima.

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