Google has partnered with Levi’s to create a touch-sensitive smart jacket

Google’s ATAP division and the Levi’s have collaborated to bring a breakthrough accessory in the range of wearable. They are developing a smart jacket which allows you to control your smart phone at a swipe of your cuff!

They are precisely focusing on the needs of a biker and are developing this conductive clothing jacket to allow bikers to send instructions to their device while keeping an eye on road, allowing them to ride carefree. The riders will be enabled to use Google maps, take phone calls and manage their music playlist by simply brushing their sleeves in special patterns.

Google Levis Jacket 1

Courtesy of Google’s Project Jacquard

This is an effort to incorporate computer technology into the clothes; it used “Project Jacquard’ technology which is a Google project under development since 2015. Wondering what project Jacquard is? It’s the transformation of everyday objects like clothes and furniture into interactive surfaces. It enables traditional industrial looms to weave touch and gesture interactivity into fabrics. It’s a merger of sensor grids and textile resulting is large interactive surfaces.

Google Levis Jacket 4

Courtesy of Google’s Project Jacquard

The touch sensitive interactive fabrics are woven by the traditional looms by combining conductive thin, metallic alloys with the synthetic and natural yarns. The resulting fiber mesh is indistinguishable from the normal yarns and is completely washable. Also special attention has been given to reduce the size of regular electronic circuit parts to as small as a shirt button to save users from feeling they are carrying heavy gadgets.

Google Levis Jacket

Courtesy of Google’s Project Jacquard

Levi’s has always been ahead in the fashion industry and has proved the statement by working on and bringing first of its kind jacket in wearable technology! The jacket is super dynamic; you can wear it all day long without feeling that you are sandwiched in electronic components. Also remove the cuff and wash it anytime you want.

Google Levis Jacket 3

Courtesy of Google’s Project Jacquard

In a nutshell, what the partnership of Google Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) group and Levi’s have to offer us is the Levi’s Commuter Trucker with embedded technology. On the left sleeve’s cuff, it has a conductive interface which acts like a touch screen and allows you to communicate with your mobile device. Also, it has a small part to hold its battery and the USB connector which is disguised as a black strap slotted into the jacket next to the interface. It is claimed that the battery lasts for two days.

Now attend calls , know about your surrounding by using Google maps or listen to your favorite music without taking out your mobile phone as all the control can be on your cuff by buying this $350 jacket!

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