Goldfish Tea Bags Bring Your Boring Cup of Tea Back to Life

Tea or Coffee? That’s the most common question we all come across almost every day. Our love for tea is matchless. Either everything starts with a hot cup of tea or ends with it. But the routine practice of making and having tea hasn’t changed for ages until now.

Yes! You’re cup of tea is going to be a lot more fun, a lot more sparkling and a lot more sweet from now on. Charm Villa has come up with an ingenious idea of livening up your boring looking cup of tea with these adorable goldfish tea bags. While normal tea bags do serve the purpose but Charm Villa’s Goldfish tea bags aim to bring life to your cup and make it more delightful. With each tug of tea bag, the goldfish comes to life and appears to be swimming in your cup. Isn’t that cute? It might look a little creepy for some but most of you are surely going to enjoy this fresh experience.

Goldfish Tea Bags
Goldfish Tea Bags


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